Our Statement


Watoto Development Center is a licensed child care center. We offer childcare to children 6 months to 6 years old. As we cultivate the children's minds, we nurture their growth and development. This style of teaching has been in effect since the day we opened in 2001. We started out as a family child care center, then we branched off to a larger space. We are looking forward to being able to expand in the future as we provide the necessary tools for our children’s growth. Our primary goals are to keep a safe, healthy environment as the children grow to be productive people in our community. As we work and develop ourselves, we are simultaneously working on the growth of the child. We do not have a high employee turnover rate. This will provide stability for the child. Feeding our minds, bodies and spirit is a necessary tool for the growth and development of a person's overall well being, that’s why we offer and provide  education and a healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch for our Watoto(Children). As we teach and uphold the 42 laws of Ma’at for behavior modification, we are constantly setting examples to show the little ones how to behave Ma’atic. Our socialization time is watching the children interact and becoming problem solvers.  In the future we are looking forward to eating from our own organic garden.  

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